Mine Mine no Mi Wiki

Devil fruits are fruits which are mainly found in ships and are very rare. Devil fruits grant the user certain special powers, the consumer of a devil fruit also will not be able to be in any body of water and will gain debuffs

There are different type devil fruits like:

Logia: Logia devil fruits means the users body is made out of the material that the devil fruit. That does it so the user doesnt take any damage from physical sources and may only take damage from physical sources if there is use of Physical Haki such as: Busoshoku Haki

Paramecia: A sort of normal type devilfruit that will take damage from all sources and is just a devil fruit

Zoan: Zoan devil fruits grant the user the ability to transform their body to a animal or creature

Fruit List:


Hito Hito no Mi

Ushi Ushi no Mi, Model: Giraffe

Mogu Mogu no Mi

Ushi Ushi no Mi

Zou Zou no Mi

Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Phoenix


Kuku Kuku no Mi

Kira Kira no Mi

Beta Beta no Mi

Nagi Nagi no Mi

Pero Pero no Mi

Netsu Netsu no Mi

Sui Sui no Mi

Awa Awa no Mi

Wara Wara no Mi

Kachi Kachi no Mi

Doa Doa no Mi

Chiyu Chiyu no Mi

Sabi Sabi no Mi

Yomi Yomi no Mi

Horu Horu no Mi

Kilo Kilo no Mi

Goe Goe no Mi

Mero Mero no Mi

Supa Supa no Mi

Horo Horo no Mi

Ito Ito no Mi

Zushi Zushi no Mi

Bari Bari no Mi

Doku Doku no Mi

Doru Doru no Mi

Kage Kage no Mi

Gura Gura no Mi

Bomu Bomu no Mi

Nikyu Nkyu no Mi

Noro Noro no Mi

Ope Ope no Mi

Suke Suke no Mi

Gomu Gomu no Mi

Bane Bane no Mi


Yuki Yuki no Mi

Yami Yami no Mi

Gasu Gasu no Mi

Magu Magu no Mi

Suna Suna no Mi

Goro Goro no Mi

Moku Moku no Mi

Pika Pika no Mi

Hie Hie no Mi

Mera Mera no Mi